September 2020 

We have a long history of in-house personalization of high quality merchandise. Since 2020 we print high quality logo’s, pictures and designs on tees, hoodies, bags, caps and facemaks with the newest print technologies and the highest standards.

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.

Plush Toys since 2002

Plush Toys Custom Made

We have +20 years experience in custom made Plush Toys and Merchandise.
Visit our Factory websites: www.plucheknuffelsmaken.be and www.progimpex.be

Merchandise, Premiums, Gifts

Locally we sell in small batches. Fast&accurate. If you are in the need of bigger volumes we have a long experience in custom made merchandise development and productions. We produce Always with our extended High quality, OEKO-TEX®, 100% recycled poly rPET, Social Audits, CE and ASTM certificates.

We create concepts

We are able to create total creative concepts and produce the total merchandise products.  Finally deliver them to your doorsteps and/or stock in our warehouse.

Printed Merchandise

Tees, Tees, Tees

Give your sales a boost, creating stunning Tees, Hoodies, Caps, Aprons, Towels, Keychains, Mugs and Plush Toys.  Your customers will be exited.

Our story

We have 20 years experience in custom made productions of plush toys (quality suitable for retail). We both produce in China and Europe and even in Belgium.

We are famous for our high quality productions in bigger quantities a in China.  With OEKO-TEX® Standaard 100, rPET fabrics, Recycled paper tags, no plastic, Social Audits, CE or ASTM testings…we are the most reliable factory in Europe.

Smaller quantities we produce in-house in Belgium and in Europe.  We stock most of the products showed on our website and your branded merchandise could be delivered in short time.

We use a high advanced photographic print technique and could offer full cover logo’s and prints up to A3 (!) CYMK on white and dark textiles.
All products have Certificates and Testing rapports.

Personal Promotions, we make your Promotions Personal