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Private Label Plush Toys

Would you like to have your own plush toys made according to your drawing (mascot) or logo?
Factory Direct – 20 year experience
We have 20 years of experience in custom made production of plush soft toys (quality suitable for retail). With this unique and long experience in the industry we can passionately and very precisely produce the plush cuddly toy product you need.
Our Strength
We respond quickly to any request

  • We have our own factory where we produce our plush soft toys: strong production deadlines, high quality, strict controls
  • We can deliver internationally where you want
  • We think along with you, are creative and present original concepts
    Both Worlds
    With offices in Belgium and our factory in China, we provide a unique and extra service. We are located in the middle of the production location and can respond directly to trends and novelties.

We also have our own office and our own in-house sample room in China.
This results in a close cooperation between our Belgian team and our own designers in China.
We can therefore sample at an unprecedented speed within 3-7 days, with our own QC on site closely monitoring each production.
We therefore always guarantee top quality and low prices in proportion to each other, as well as time savings throughout the entire production process.
Our own QC’s ensure that you can rest assured that the quality offered by the plush cuddly toys always have the necessary certificates.

More about our factory:

PERSONAL PROMOTIONS Custom made Plush Toys Dolls

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When it comes to Personal Promotions, there’s no denying it: you’re obsessed. We understand how important your Personal Branded projects such as Plush Toys, Soft Toys, Mascots, Merchandise, PVC Keychains, Beach Towels, Drawstring Bags, Cotton or Linen Totebags, Socks… are to you. That’s why we’ve established exacting standards for quality productions to ensure that your orders will come out great. We are sure to bring your customers together with our quality products.
Custom Personal Promotions Plush Toys and Merch have the power to create lasting memories, start new traditions, and unite groups for a common purpose. We’ll take care of the production and the delivery so you and your customers can show off your awesome Personal Promotions together!