Custom Plush Toys for Baby

Plush Toys Factory

We offer a full all-around service.
From character design and production of your plush toys and merchandise to logistics and delivery.

We have various audits, including a Sedex and Coca-Cola audit, and we supply to large organizations.

We have 20 years of experience in custom-made productions of plush toys (quality suitable for retail) and merchandise. Our factories are located in Europe, China and the Far East. But we also have large and fast production capacities in Europe. We have our own office and our in-house sample room.

We are a Belgian company with two offices in Belgium, Brussels and East Flanders & an office in Shanghai. Thanks to our designers, we can sample within 3-7 days. Our QC closely monitors each production.

Custom Plush toys for baby, personal promotions, Progimpex, Doudou
Custom Plush toys for baby, personal promotions, Progimpex, Doudou
Personal Promotions, Progimpex, Plush Toys Factory Europe

Passionate working method for a total experience

Together we develop the concept and the prototype. We transform your idea or design into a super soft cuddly toy and customized merchandise.

Specialized in quality cuddly toys, we provide the right ones Feel&Look.

The consumer’s pleasure in playing with, holding and collecting Plush Stuffed Toys – the Care&Love – is the most beautiful confirmation of our work.

What people usually don’t know is that behind the scene developing plush toys is an intense activity with up to 85 different steps in design and execution.

We work very passionately on it from start to finish your plush project to make each cuddly toy unique for the consumer, for you and for us. 

Your merchandise is also in experienced hands with us: Backpacks, Bags, Water Globes, Puzzles, Squishies, Keychains, Towels, Socks