Octopus Plush Toy 100% rPet

PERSONAL PROMOTIONS Custom made Plush Toys rPet, custom plush toys baby

Beautiful plush Octopuses made from 100% rPet.  


Does rPet then feel soft?

The recycled materials are super soft and indistinguishable from standard materials. The coloring is done with soft tones and with OEKO-TEX® inks.


We then produce wonderfully soft blankets with a bubble effect. This is not only pleasant to crawl under, but also stimulates motor skills in babies and children.


Many other characters are suitable as an addition: rattles, toys, cuddle cloths, various versions of cuddly toys, to toilet bags!

At Personal Promotions we attach great importance to sustainability! With our plush cuddly toys we also want to put the most durable and safe cuddly toys on the market.

We offer the possibility to choose from various materials. Our suppliers are carefully screened and have the useful certificates.

  • standard materials (meet CE EN 71 1 2 3, azo, cadmium, phthalates)
  • rPet from 100% recycled PET bottles
  • gots


GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is an international quality mark that assesses whether textiles have been produced in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner. This involves looking at the entire chain. From harvesting and production, to rough processing to thread and fabric, to finishing and processing into sustainable clothing.


OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is a health label for textiles, with strict requirements for residues of heavy metals, harmful dyes and pesticides. To obtain the quality mark, the textile is tested by independent inspectors and no harmful substances may be present. In particular, the dyeing process causes the presence of these harmful substances in the regular textile industry.

“These blankets just feel so soft”