What is Digital Shirt Printing?

DTG printing involves the use of a digital printer to apply ink directly onto the fabric of the apparel you’re customizing.

Personal Promotions, DTG Printing

Direct to Garment Design Examples

Personal Promotions, DTG Printing

Direct to Garment Process

Step 1:

DTG printing works like the inkjet printer in your home office. The printer translates the digital image or graphic file onto your blank tee!

DTG printers are large and capable of handling all kinds of designs in many colors. Water-based ink is applied in a single layer that quickly absorbs into the shirt’s fibers. The DTG printing method is precise and produces high-quality results, but the ink is not as deeply soaked into the fabric as with other methods like screen printing.

Step 2:
  • Particularly elaborate t-shirt designs
  • Designs with a lot of different colors
Step 3:

High quality photographic prints on white and dark textile products.  We use mostly 100% organic cotton fabrics.

The ink is OEKOTEX certified.

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