What is DTF Printing?

We print on white and dark textile – 9 colors! (CYMK + W + NEON COLORS)

DTF printing can be the all-important difference between an ordinary marketing material and a piece that’s both ‘shiny’ and irresistible. If you’re looking for a unique way to add some class and sophistication to your printed project to make it look and feel more premium, then DTF printing is the way to go. Here’s what DTF printing is and what it’s good for.

Personal Promotions

DTF is a CMYK screen-printed transfer born of the union between offset printing and traditional screen-printing. Offset offers a photo-quality printing and an unlimited number of colours. Thin line resolution is remarkable. These multi-colour transfers are created with an opaque white undercoat and a transparent powder glue coat for enhanced elasticity. The glue in overflow makes application easy and ensures high washing resistance. DTF can be applied to many textiles, light or dark. We mostly use high quality cotton but DTF can be applied to many products such as bag, jeans, shoes, mousematt…


  • Very elastic – Soft matte touch feeling
  • Thin line and detail printing
  • Unlimited number of colours – High washing resistance (60°) – CYMKWWWW
  • Ironable

DFT Printing FAQ

What is DTF, direct to film printing.

DTF is an alternative printing process to DTG. Using a specific kind of water-based ink to print a film transfer that is then dried, a powdered glue is applied to the back and then heat cured ready for storage or instant use. One of the benefits to DTF Is there is no need to use pre-treatment, the powdered glue does this job for you. Once heat pressed the soft water based ink is transferred to the garment in just 15 seconds. The transfer is best used onto polyester and other non cotton fabrics that are difficult to print using traditional DTG printing.

Prints projects stand out

The whole point of using DTF printing in print projects is so that it stands out from the competition as a more premium option. Studies have shown that the more appealing something looks, the more likely it is that consumers will pay attention. By implementing DTF  print in your project, you’ll differentiate yourself from those that haven’t used this method.

Using DTF printing also means that you’re creating something that demands the readers’ attention while making it much more difficult to easily put down and ignore.

Looks more prestigious

You won’t find worldwide companies creating products that look average. Like your business, they operate in a competitive world where it’s vital to stand out. In fact, you’ll find that the majority of famous companies use DTF printing and because of that, the technique has become associated with a superior quality.

By using DTF printing yourself, you can associate your print project with higher quality pieces, rather than the other, similar products that gather dust on the shelf. It feels prestigious, it looks luxurious and it’ll immediately be associated with a premium brand.


Adding DTF printing to your projects doesn’t mean there’s nothing else you can add. For example, you can add a range of colour options from pure white to Neon colors (Black Light Shining) through to reds, purples and pretty much any other colour you want.

This can have a great impact, as those slightly familiar with DTF printing might be used to seeing white white being used, but something like a Neon red, yellow, or green can really catch them by surprise as it’s so different.

Although, keep your brand’s colour scheme in mind and don’t go overboard where your brand is then unrecognisable.

There’s also the personalisation factor, as you don’t need to settle for one set design for every copy of your project with DTF printing. For example, you might have decided you need multiple variations – such as the design being a different colour – and you’ll have multiple high-quality options.

Even when the DTF has been applied, you can still go one step further and add additional finishes. You can add a tag or label to each shirt and stand out of the crowd.

DTF raise the bar

Expand your printing spectrum with DTF Personal Promotion solution. Personalise dark & light polyester, nylon, cotton polyblends and more. Activate your creativity and deliver custom-made products to your clients on-demand, without fuss.

Exciting possibilities with our DTF Neon colors to shine in the dark.

Personal Promotions Neon DTF printing